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Brand: Pepsodent
PEPSODENT GERMI CHECK TOOTHPASTE - CAVITY PROTECTION, 200 GGet pearly white teeth with this Pepsodent Whitening Germ check+ Toothpaste. The specially designed formula of this toothpaste helps fight tooth cavities and decay. The protective elements in this toothpaste helps prevent plaque formation an..
Brand: Pepsodent
PEPSODENT G EXPERT PROTECTION GUMCARE+ TOOTHPASTE 140 G.Reduce those dental visits with this ExpertProtection Gum Care Toothpaste from Pepsodent...
Brand: Pepsodent
PEPSODENT EXPERT PROTECTION COMPLETE TOOTHPASTE, 140 GCarry a confident, healthy and white smile after using Pepsodent Expert Protection Complete. This toothpaste has an advanced dental formula that protects your teeth and gums from cavities and plaque. Enjoy clean and fresh breath all day long. Its..
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